I would like to thank Tony Amaral and Mark Choquette for the upstanding service they both gave myself and my family. We approached Tony about a vehicle we needed to be able to tow our trailer and within two days Tony came up with the exact vehicle I needed and wanted. Marc handled our financing and fought tooth and nail for us and finally got this approved. Both gentlemen should be recognized for their patience understanding and magnificent work. I have been a Donnelly Ford client since I was 19 years old and am now turning 54, it is service such as these to gentlemen performed that keeps me coming back to Donnelly and always will. I tell all my friends to buy there because they treat you like family and tend to your needs ASAP. Once again on behalf of my Ford family thankyou both for all that you did, it was extremely appreciate. My little one, Kacie says she is going to be a Ford person as well.