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After years of experience in the automobile business our goal is to help you establish or reestablish your credit, drive a car that meets your needs, and plan a bright future with no credit concerns! We understand that good people have bad things happen to them and become victims of circumstance. We want to help you get your life back on track. Call us now or take a few minutes to fill out our Secure On-Line Credit Application. No application is ever refused!

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Decio Menezes
Auto Credit Manager - Kanata Campus

(613) 260-6037

Take pride in your job & lead by example! I was born in Ottawa (The best city in Canada). If you were to ask me 15 years ago if I would work in the auto industry I would have said no, amazing how life works for you! Growing up in a household of 4 boys & no mother, I learned at an early age about working hard and leading by example. I've been in the industry for 16 plus years working from sales, management & finance. I always believe In being different, leading by example & taking pride in my job regardless of the position. Since I've joined the team here at Donnelly Auto Credit in 2020, I've enjoyed every challenge and I'm here to help. I'm available by e-mail, my office phone or cell phone for your convenience! Oui, Je parle francais, Sim falo Portuguese.

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Todd Cassidy
Auto Credit Manager - Bank Street

(613) 260-6121

Fresh out of school in 1991, I joined Donnelly's selling cars, not expecting the job to last too long. What a surprise when within 4 weeks I realized this was the job for me! I loved the fast paced environment of the showroom, meeting new people every day...

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